Packing for Laos

Packing for trips to the Hmong Villages and around the City

Shoes: Depending on what season you go, a pair of sturdy flip-flops and one pair of closed toed shoe will suffice your trip. Flip-flops are extremely popular and flip-flops are available for less than $2 around the village markets.

Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, sunblock lotion, bug repellent spray, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, napkins, floss, and rolls of toilet paper (yes, toilet paper. They do sell them but they are thinner than the quality here in the U.S.)

A few extras for the women (if necessary): hand wipes, hand sanitizer, face wipes, makeup remover sheets, face cleanser, hair ties, dry shampoo (if you won’t have access to water for a couple of days).

Photo Equipments: camera, camcorder, sd memory cards, charger, extra batteries, and charger adapter (Walmart have a wonderful travel kit for any part of the world in the Travel Section for $19.99).

Sleeping: bed sheets, carry-on blankets, and flashlights.

Medicines: Advil, Anti-itch cream, malaria pill, upset stomach pills, daily vitamins, Tylenol, gums, first aid kit, and pain killers. ( I ended up using my first aid kit due to an unexpected fall—be prepared for the unexpected.)

The temperature tend to be hot during the day and cool at night depending on what area of Laos you are at but be sure to pack at least a warm jacket/sweater and comfortable loose-fitting clothes. In the villages, most women are still dressed in long skirts, and does not reveal their legs so short-shorts will not be appropriate. Note: your clothes will get so dirty from all the dirt around so I suggested packing clothes that are easy to wash (hand-wash) and dry).

Travel Accessories: daytime travel bag, a undetected pouch to keep your money and passports safe from possible thieves and locks for your suitcases.( Also at Walmart).

A few other items to consider: Any non-perishable food that you might crave. 🙂


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